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Primary Pocket Filters

Sanat Yaran Filters

Primary Pocket filters

The Sanatyaran primary pocket filters are constructed with a moisture-resistant ultrasonically welded media. This synthetic (Polyester) media consists of strategically layered and blended melt-blown polypropylene fibers fastened to a non-shed, high density polypropylene backing. This design creates a dual-stage filtration effect with the final layer capturing the smaller particulate from the air stream.

The ultrasonic welding process allows manufacturing a product that has no stitch holes in the media and provides a substantial increase in effective surface area. The filter holding frames are constructed of strong ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) polymer. The frames are designed to provide strength and durability and will not corrode, oxidize, degrade or deterioration. Frames are also available in standard depth of 20-24 mm. They are ideal for application where highest level of air cleanliness is requisite.


Primary Pocket filters

The extended form of the filter is specially designed for higher and steady air filtration potency. the size of the filter are going to be altered supported clients’ needs. Pocket filter is applicable to wash area system of food trade, pharmaceutical trade, trade and ventilation of business plant conjointly as industrial building.

Firm metal frame structure . The outer frame of M-pack is created of double layer U-shape atomic number 13 alloy sheet. The pockets ar sealed tightly by special knots within the rib supports inside the frame to stop drop off. All the metal sides ar rolled inwards to stop scratching throughout installation or replacement.

✔ For use as a pre-filter in air conditionig and ventilation systems.

✔ Available in filter class G4 according to EN779:2012.

✔ Available with galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel and ABS polymer (one-piece and combustible).

✔ Ultrasonic welding technology.

✔ No stitch holes emission.

✔ Pocket separation optimizes performance.

✔ Large surface area.

✔ Available in a wide range of sizes.

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