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Polyester Roll Filters

Sanat Yaran Filters

Polyester Roll filters

Synthetic filter media roll is specifically designed as durable, low pressure drop pre-filter.

SAF R&P series combine a high dust holding with a relatively low pressure drop and is therefore exteremely cost effective with a long filter life.

Air filter media designed for pre- or coarse filtration of the air intake in general ventilation and air handling systems installed in public buildings, offices, factories and equipment of all kinds, provides a balanced dust seperation in situations where higher requirements must be met.

Sanatyaran supplies media rolls in different widths, thicknesses and filter classes to meet most applications.

Polyester filter Pads fulfill most HVAC general filtration requirements. Polyester filters are frequently accustomed replace fiberglass filters, which can fragment and send glass slivers into the airstream. Polyester is soft, easy to handle and offers higher arrestance and dirt holding capabilities than most fiberglass filters. Purchase by the area unit.

Polyester Roll filters

If these sorts of filters don’t seem to be properly attended to, they’ll become clogged. this will prevent air flow possibly causing the system to overheat and might eventually result in equipment break down or fires. Changing air filters regularly is important for health and safety and a HVAC systems longevity.

Used in heating, ventilation and air-con, HVAC filters are generally fabricated from gauze like material. This provides alittle passage for air to flow through whilst also stopping larger particles. Standard air filters are designed expeditiously in filtration, as they collect debris and dirt. Some more complex filters remove odours and have a charcoal element. Preventing debris from entering a ventilation, cooling or heat is important in ensuring longevity as foreign objects in these varieties of systems can cause them to overheat and cease functioning.

✔ For use as a pre-filter in air conditioning systems.

✔ Available in filter class G2 to G4 according to EN779:2012.

✔ Flammability classifications F1 according to DIN 53438.

✔ Standard media depths 5,10,15,20,25 mm.

✔ Available in rolls or pads tailored sizes.

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