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Hepa Filters

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Hepa filters

SAF HEPA filters are manufactured from continuous length superior quality micro glass fiber paper media available in various efficiency grades. In SAF Hepa filters, the pleated media is evenly and accurately positioned by corrugated aluminium separators having hemmed edges to add strength and to protect the media pack. The completed Hepa filters pack is sealed into the casing using a polyurethane sealant. The uniform and closed pleat filter pack grants a high crossing surface to hold the very fine dusts. The standard frame construction includes MDF, galvanized steel and anodized aluminium. High temperature versions are constructed with stainless steel frames. These filters are ideal in a variety of applications such as clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing plants, microelectronic component assembly, biological hoods and food processing environments. The finished filters undergoe a thorough quality checking. They are scan tested individually to ensure a leak proof performance and each filter possess the label showing the scan test results.

HEPA was commercialized within the 1950s, and also the original term became a registered trademark and later a generic term for highly efficient filters. HEPA filters are employed in applications that need contamination control, like the manufacturing of disk drives, medical devices, semiconductors, nuclear, food and pharmaceutical products, moreover as in hospitals, homes and vehicles.

A HEPA bag filter can employed in conjunction with a pre-filter (usually carbon-activated) to increase the usage lifetime of the costlier HEPA filter. In such setup, the primary stage within the filtration process is formed from a pre-filter which removes most of the larger dust, hair, PM10 and pollen particles from the air. The second stage high-quality HEPA filter removes the finer particles that throw off the pre filter. this can be common in air handling units.

✔ For use in high efficiency final filtration in air conditioning systems, housing and diffusers.

✔ Available in filter class H13 and H14 according to EN1822:2009.

✔ On request with protection grid.

✔ Individually tested.

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