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Fine Filters

Sanat Yaran Filters

Fine filters

SAF CELL filters are manufactured from continuous length superior quality micro-fiber glass paper media available in various efficiency grades. The filter media is moisture resistant and fire retardant. The uniform and closed pleat filter pack grants a high crossing surface to hold the very fine dusts. The pleated media pack is encased into the filter frame utilizing a two part high density fire retardant urethane elastomer. A flat profile neoprene gasket or a one-piece seamless urethane gasket is used to ensure a leak free seal to the filter housing.

 In SAF CELL filters, the pleated media is evenly and accurately positioned by corrugated aluminium separators having hemmed edges to add strength and to protect the media pack.

The standard frame construction includes MDF, galvanized steel and anodized aluminium. High temperature versions are constructed with stainless steel frames.



Fine Filters

FILTRATION may be a process of removal of suspended particles from the fluid. This removal could also be of – Suspended Solid particles from Liquid fluid or Gas / Air
This separation has been performed with the assistance of a medium which is termed Filter. Filters are useful to get rid of the impurities which can be in sort of solid, liquid or gas which are ignorant for subsequent process.
Filtration could be a technology, which is widely used on floor of varied Industries, like Chemical, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment etc.There aren’t any. of important criteria which might be noticed before accommodate requirements, which lists –
1. Suspended Solid Load available in application
2. Viscosity of Fluid
3. Density / relative density of Fluid
4. Chemical Compatibility
5. Operating Parameters, i.e. Operating Pressure and Operating Temperature
6. Required Filtration Rating

✔ For use in air conditionig application and as pre-filter for clean rooms.

✔ Available in filter class M6 to F9 according to EN779:2012.

✔ Robust metal header frame.

✔ Front and side access housing and frames are available.

✔ Single header, double header and no header models available upon orders.

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