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Disposable Pleated Filters

Sanat Yaran Filters

Disposable Pleated filters

SAF P filters are disposable type pleated panels which offers extended surface filtration, to suit a wide variety of HVAC applications including hospitals, pharmaceutical firms,food processing units, etc. The filter media is an exclusive grade of nonwoven cotton/polyester blend supported by a diamond wire grid lamination having 98% open area.

A large filter surface is provided by pleating the media which forms to a radial V design to ensure optimum media utilization. The pleated media pack is encased in a heavy duty wet strength beverage board frame with diagonal support on both sides.

Disposable Pleated filters


The Disposable Panel Filters core consists of a reinforced non-woven media bonded to an expanded metal support grid which is then Pleated, increasing the filtration expanse up to three times that of the face area. this suggests that the Pleated Panel Filters will handle higher air volumes with low loss, thus saving on energy and running costs.

Airepure has selected pleat filtration media made of Japanese UBE fibre. This media is intended to produce sustained efficiency with an occasional pressure drop, high dust holding capacity and high energy efficiency. The UBE Filtration Media is 100% synthetic, so it’ll not absorb moisture or support microbial growth.

✔ First stage filter in air handling units and as pre-filter to higher efficiency filters.

✔ Available with cardboard galvanized, aluminium and stainless steel frames.

✔ Classification G4 according to EN779:2012.

✔ Available in 50mm and 100mm thickness.

✔ Fully supported media bonded onto a wire support grid.

✔ Rounded pleats for a maximum capacity of dust retention and facilitate airflow through the media.

✔ Tailored sizes.

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