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Cardboard Filters

Sanat Yaran Filters

Cardboard filters

Pleated cardboard or accordeon filter is designed to collect all solid or liquid particles in the air (adhesives, paint, fibres, tar, lacquer, transparent coatings, teflon, varnish, powder, etc.). Cardboard filters is designed to fit all types of spray booths, horizontal or vertical. The cardboard filter with its inertia separation system deposits and maintains particles on the walls without restricting air flow. Pleated cardboard filter is made of two layers of recycled kraft paper, perforated, pleated and glued. The quality of kraft paper (250g/m²) guaranties rigidity of the filter in all positions.The V shape of the filter creates a Venturi effect (increase of speed of airflow inside the filter) and causes airflow containing overspray particles to change direction. Overspray particles which are heavier than air will stick inside the filter while clean air will go out of the filter.

Cardboard filters

The white cardboard pleated filter may be a filter fabricated from two layers of pleated and perforated cardboard. Using the principle of inertial separation, it absorbs and retains paint particles within the space between the layered layers. A sewn-in restriction strip facilitates the correct unfolding of the filter. The self-supporting structure allows for two.3 times greater collection of paint dust, compared to traditional non-woven filters. The white finish impregnates the filter and brightens the cabin interior.

Reduction in process costs – “lower energy consumption and lower filter replacement and disposal costs. Disposable cardboard filters include two parts of durable, 100% recycled wrapping paper, produced in compliance with the foremost restrictive technical standards. The folded structure of the insert isn’t only glued but also stapled during the assembly process to produce additional strength and stiffness.

✔ This filter is suitable in all spray booth with horizontal and vertical airflow.

✔ Lifetime up to 6 times longer than other filtering medias on the market.

✔ Easy installation and manipulation.

✔ Environment friendly materials according to ISO 14000.

✔ Adapted to filtration of solvent paints and water based paints.

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