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Amer Glass Filters

Sanat Yaran Filters

The filter media is manufactured from glass fibers that create a progressive density barrier to effectively trap and hold particulates from the air stream. It is coated with a dust holding adhesive that helps prevent particulates from migrating. A scrim backing is added to the downstream side of the media to enhance performance and integrity. This backing provides additional media support and assures the media configuration to be maintained throughout filter life. The media is available in full or part rolls or alternatively cut to size to suit each specific system requirements. Pre-cut pads are framed in metallic or cardboard frames and 75% of the surface in such framed filters is open for ventilation. Fiberglass filters are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

✔ For HVAC applications.

✔ Available in cardboard or metallic frames.

✔ Available in filter class G2, G3 according to EN779:2012.

✔ Flammability classifications F2 according to DIN 53438.

✔ Available in rolls and pads.

✔ Standard rolls size 20×2m and 40×2m.

✔ Available in three different thickness 25, 50 and 100 mm.

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