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Sanat Yaran


SanatYaran Manufacturing and Industrial Company was established in October 1984 with the aim of producing various types of industrial air filters. After initial studies and sending experts to England and Scotland to train and acquire technical knowledge, the required machinery was built and in 1986 the first laboratory sample was produced. The ability of manufacturing various machines to produce various U and V-shaped filters, including honeycomb fillets, bag filters, HP, plate insoles, double folding machines and tazen media by the company’s technical engineers is one of the reasons for its production development.

SanatYaran has achieved the greatest success in designing and manufacturing industrial air filters in the country since its establishment and has been able to take an effective step towards the self-sufficiency of the country by using the knowledge and power of its manpower. The main products and quality control activities in SanatYaran Company are summarized as follow:

A: Products

Sanat Yaran Company produces the following different types of industrial air filters based on the needs of customers, the type of filter application in different industries, the required efficiencies and the study of the filtration industry in the world: 1- Primary filters or pre-filters

2- Bag filters in different dimensions, at present, the company uses the latest production technology and using sewing and ultrasonic machines, produces injectable standing bag filters for the first time in Iran.

3 – High efficiency filters HEPA and ULPA, which is known as the first manufacturer of these filters.

B: Quality control

SanatYaran Company, in order to produce better and improve the quality level of its products and to bring the products to a level in accordance with international standards, created a unit called the quality control unit in 1991. The process of activity of the above unit led to the establishment of a laboratory to test the produced filters and additional studies on raw materials. Subsequently, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the Ashri 52/76 (52-1-1992) test tunnel was built to test air filters with an efficiency of 20% to 98% and was put into operation. In addition, it succeeded in receiving a certificate of approval. It was obtained from Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (Confirmation No. 64464 dated 04-02-1995). After that, Sanat Yaran Company purchased a particle counting device (LPC) and it was possible to scan the filter to measure its efficiency based on particle size. In addition to the above test, by purchasing a sodium-flush device for more detailed examination of particles and validation of filter efficiency; Completed its laboratory unit to an acceptable level.

The company also received ISO 9002 international certification in 1998 and subsequently a new version of ISO 9001-2000 in 2004 and set up a R&D unit in 2004.